Choose a builder/remodeler you can trust

When choosing a builder/remodeler remember that you are putting your investment in their hands.


Get to know the builder/remodeler, research their professional history. Make a point of looking at work that they have completed.


Remember that it is important that the person you choose builds with quality for lasting value and is available for service after the job is completed.


Members of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh are progressive, committed business people who take pride in their construction. Each member of the Association has pledged to follow the Association’s Code of Ethics . When you begin to seek a builder or remodeler, begin at the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. 

How Much House Can You Afford?

Advance preparation is key when getting ready to buy a home. You need to decide how much to spend on your home and which type of mortgage will work best for you, as well as understand the settlement process.


Before you visit a sales office, model home or open house, you should take advantage of the many sources that can help you get prepared, and take some steps to ensure you’re in the best possible financial situation:   

Picking the Right Location Makes House a Home!

When it comes to choosing a new home, picking the right location is as important as selecting the right builder.


Making sure you pick the right neighborhood for you and your family is vital to ensuring your happiness in your new home. When making the selection, it’s important to make sure you feel comfortable in all areas and it’s also important to understand that you just might have to make some compromises to find a home that suits your needs.


There are plenty of questions that must be answered before you pick a place to call home. Here are a few questions that need answered when you’re choosing a neighborhood: