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The Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (BAMP) is one of the oldest builders associations in the country. Founded in 1938 by a group of Pittsburgh area home builders as the Home Builders Association of Allegheny County, it has grown to serve the home building and related industries throughout the metropolitan Pittsburgh region. BAMP was a founding member of a group of local area home builder associations that established the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in 1942 and the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) in 1952. In further service to our members, BAMP established the Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (AAMP) in 1974, which has become a successful expansion of BAMP members who work in the multi-family housing industry. BAMP also has an active NAHB Remodeler’s Council that focuses on improving the profession of remodeling and education of home improvement contractors. With an eye toward its future, BAMP sponsors numerous NAHB Student Chapters operating in area career training schools. Today, the non-profit trade organization is comprised nearly 600 businesses who strive to improve housing affordability, availability, and choice, including homebuilders, remodelers, light-commercial contractors and associated businesses including suppliers, trade contractors, lenders, product manufacturers, utilities, realtors, and other licensed professionals including architects, engineers, and attorneys.

Our association and affiliated organizations are recognized nationally for its advocacy of safe and affordable housing as well as its educational and consumer awareness efforts in promotion of its professional members. BAMP is known for its strong voice and efforts in promoting public policies that have a positive impact on housing while actively opposing those that would harm housing businesses and home affordability. It ensures that its members are educated and updated on the latest housing trends and issues of the day, and produces several events to help consumers make enlightened decisions involving their housing needs and choices. BAMP hosts an annual Festival of Homes that showcases the latest residential communities and new homes in southwestern Pennsylvania as well as the prestigious Housing Excellence Awards, which serves to recognize the outstanding craftsmanship of building and remodeling professionals in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area. Similarly, it produces a program recognizing the best in rental living through its Apartment Excellence Awards and The Washington County Home Show that is a one-stop-shop for consumers to visit member builders, remodelers, product suppliers, home improvement contractors, and other valuable service providers who have the know-how and ability to serve consumer’s housing needs.

In service to its community, BAMP has organized countless community service projects throughout its 75-plus years of existence, donating its member’s expertise, products, and services to construct or repair community assets as well as lend a helping hand to improve homes for our neighbors in need of assistance.





Joseph McMeekin

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 Andrew Litzinger

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Dom Ricciuti, Jr

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Greg Clark 
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 Dan Meade

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 David Pirain


The mission, goal, and primary purpose of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (BAMP) is to promote homeownership and the improvement of the residential building industry in Western Pennsylvania. 

BAMP is a non-profit trade organization comprised of home builders, light commercial builders and associate members, including suppliers, subcontractors, lenders, manufacturers, utilities, realtors and architects. Originally chartered in 1938, the Association has grown to more than 600 members in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.


The Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh is one of the oldest builders associations in the country. Founded in 1938 by a group of South Hills builders to, in their words, "protect and promote the interests of general contractors engaged in the construction industry." The founders' primary reason for starting the organization was to unify builders against the threat of government control of the housing industry.

Throughout the years, the building industry has seen many changes, plenty of which BAMP helped pioneer. Today, the association is still banded together for nearly the same purpose: to protect and voice the rights of builders in the industry. BAMP is recognized nationally for its government affairs, educational and community efforts.

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